From startups in their early stages to established businesses, I collaborate with local businesses and organizations, giving them a fresh new look.

Barstow PAL

Logo refresh, website, digital content, blog content, and hosting.

Barstow Chamber

Logo refresh, web design, content creation, digital content, and SEO.

Route 66 Street Team

Web design, form refresh, and content creation.

Pikesville PC

New logo, digital content, SEO, and video landing page.

Salman Dental

New logo, digital content, SEO, web design

Dixon Pest Control

SEO and content creation, web design, Email services, and graphic design.

Studio 841

Logo, web design for salon and subdomain for spa

Town & Country Tree

Web design, service location SEO optimization

MG Arts

New logo, Google photos plugin, web design

Shop Irwin

Front end user submission directory, logo, online store


Web design, email services, image optimization

Miss Barstow Pageant

Web design, assistance with forms and blog

Pit Stop Bar & Grill

Logo refresh, web design, and email services

Barstow Tire & Brake

Web design, reputation management services

It's Dunn - Blake & Ariez Wedding

Web design, video & graphics